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Louise Whiteman's PBES second-grade class

Louise Whiteman’s Peabody-Burns Elementary School second-grade class

Dear Santa Claus,

Hi, my name is Audrey. How are Rudolph and the other reindeer doing? My favorite color is red and yellow. What is your favorite color Santa? Do you like cookies, Santa? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How is your wife today? What are the elves and the reindeer doing today? How is Rudolph? What are you doing? I want a BMX bike and a phone. I really like to ride horses and bulls. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How do you get Elf on the Shelf to my home? How do the reindeer fly? Are the reindeer magic? I will make cookies for you, Santa. Does Rudolph really have a red nose? I want Light Brixs from Lego. Your friend,


Dear Santa,

What is your wife doing? Are your elves doing all the work to make toys? I cook cookies and decorate them. What is your favorite color? Rudolph as a shiny nose because it glows. Santa has magic. What does your sled look like? Santa, I want for Christmas a DS. Second Grader,


Dear Santa,

Santa Claus, are you eating a lot of food? How do you get in the chimney, Santa Claus? Is Rudolph in the front of the sled? How is your wife today? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph? How many presents are you making? Are you putting the presents under the tree? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

What is Rudolph up to? How is Mrs. Claus feeling? What are the good elves? My favorite color is pink and blue. What is Mrs. Claus’ favorite color? What is your favorite color? My name is Roselynn. What are the naughty elves up to today? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How do your reindeer fly? How do the elves know how to make toys? Santa, how does your big bag carry all those presents? We liked it when you gave us candy canes! Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How is your sleigh? Is it in good shape? What is your favorite color? How are your reindeer, Santa? What are your elves doing? What is your mother doing? Your friend,


Dear Santa,

What do the elves do at this time of year? How are the reindeer? What time do you leave? How is the workshop? Your friend,


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