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Lymph therapy available

Staff writer

Occupational therapist Mikaelyn Dick can now provide enhanced treatment for patients whose lymphatic systems don’t function properly — as is often the case with patients over 50.

Called lymphedema, the condition means fluids in the body aren’t being properly channeled through the lymph glands that help remove the fluid from the body.

Dick took an advanced course in treating lymphedema and can now give more effective treatment along with teaching them how to manage the problem.

“It’s when somebody has trauma to their lymphatic system,” Dick said. “Their limbs will become very swollen from buildup of protein.”

She said the condition can be caused by surgery, cancer, radiation treatment, and injury.

When this happens, the lymphatic system is not working properly.

If the lymph nodes nearest the injured area are damaged, the fluid is worked to the next closest lymph node. If that one is damaged, another lymph node is selected for moving the fluid.

Dick drains the lymphedema and teaches the patients how to do the exercises themselves. Eventually, the patients should be able to take care of themselves.

Last modified April 21, 2021