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Man arrested 3rd time in 10 days, suspected of theft

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With three arrests since Aug. 23, Marion resident Cyle L. Wilson, 27, may have spent as much time in Marion County Jail as out of it.

“Either we’re good or lucky, or he’s unlucky or something, but he’s just had a run here lately,” police chief Clinton Jeffrey said. “He’s given a bond, which everybody is entitled to, and he keeps making the bond to get out of jail.”

The most recent arrest was made at 6:45 a.m. Tuesday by Marion police after Wilson allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign. The department’s canine unit responded, along with two sheriff’s deputies who were called to the scene.

While no drugs were found, the fact that Wilson was looking under his seat was a red flag, Jeffrey said.

“That’s a possibility, that they’re maybe hiding something,” he said. “Other times, depending on circumstances, they might be fishing for a weapon or hiding a weapon. Digging around under the seats, I’d say a majority of the time they’re hiding something, whether it’s drugs, paraphernalia, or stolen property.”

Instead, police found a truck with a stolen license plate, and several catalytic converters in the back. The truck was registered to Wilson but did not have tags or an ignition interlock that he was required to have.

Police also were not sure where the catalytic converters were from, Jeffrey said.

“Those aren’t serialized parts and it’s awfully hard to determine where they came from,” he said. “We haven’t had any stolen here in town recently. You’d about have to match up the tool marks to determine which vehicle they came off of.”

Wilson’s prior arrest was only a few days before. A sheriff’s deputy arrested him Saturday on Kanza Rd. near 190th Rd.

A Hillsboro police officer was first to the scene, but quickly called the deputy, who called multiple others, including a canine unit to check for drugs.

“Whatever the officer found, smelled or saw at the scene, and past history, all those combined would make you suspect,” sheriff Rob Craft said. “I don’t know what the officer saw, smelled, or what else.”

A search resulted in recovery of stolen property, some of which may have been from recent incidents, Craft said. The department still is sorting through the recovered items.

Someone else was in the vehicle when it was stopped but he was not arrested.

Wilson was arrested Saturday on suspicion of possession of stolen property, marijuana, opiates or narcotics, and drug paraphernalia.

His arrest Tuesday was on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of stolen property, driving a vehicle with a restricted license and driving without a valid permit or insurance.

Having multiple successive arrests can play a factor when deciding charges, county attorney Joel Ensey said.

“If you have a propensity to commit a bunch of thefts and you have past behavior for committing thefts or burglaries, I’m obviously going to look at that case differently than a first-time offender or someone who hasn’t been a problem.”

Charges from Wilson’s arrest Aug. 23 have been filed by Ensey, which include burglary, theft, and damage to property, possession of stolen property, marijuana, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia.

Marking one’s property can make the recovery of stolen items easier for law enforcement, Jeffrey said.

“It’s something as simple as, ‘our wrenches are painted a certain color,’ ” he said. “Like, put a spot of bright pink paint on every wrench we own or photograph serial numbers on power tools. That way there’s a definitive answer.”

Last modified Sept. 3, 2020