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Man creates pottery to urn a living

Staff writer

For some Marion County residents, the Arts and Crafts fair is just another annual event held in Hillsboro. For others, like Hillsboro resident Tanner Lacy, it is something he hopes can pay the bills.

“I would like for it to become something that I do more than just for fun, but it’s not quite to that point yet,” Lacy said. “It takes a while to get started.”

After participating in a pottery class at Tabor College taught by Michael Phillips, Lacy said he found something he loved to do.

“The pottery is the one that has really taken off for me of all the different art type stuff,” Lacy said. “I’ve tried my hand at painting and drawing, but I was never really wonderful at those. I could do it, but this pottery, it kind of latched on and took off.”

Lacy said that getting ready for the fair requires a lot of work, both physically and emotionally.

“I don’t’ know what’s more work,” Lacy said. “Getting ready for the fair or recovering afterwards.”

This year’s Arts and Crafts Fair was the third year Lacey had participated in the fair with his pottery, but it hasn’t always been an easy trip.

“(The first year) was the most difficult year to get into it,” Lacy said, “because you have to get a tent and fire extinguisher and fill out applications and everything, but the second year you already have all that stuff already, so all you have to do is pay for your spot.”

Preparing for the event was also tiring and time consuming.

“There were some times getting ready this year that I had this cycle going,” Lacey said. “I would go out and work on pottery and dishes then I’d come in and eat a little bit and sleep a little bit and go back out and I wouldn’t care what the clock looked like.”

Lacy said that one of the reasons he loves doing pottery so much is because it has helped teach him more about his other passion: his faith.

“It’s kind of the same way working with God,” Lacy said. “Doing pottery, the clay is hiding something from the potter, a rock or air bubble or piece of hair, it can ruin the whole pot just like that. If you are willing to work with God and do what He asks of you, it makes life a whole lot easier and it goes with His plan for you and things turn out all right.”

Last modified Sept. 24, 2015