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Marion City Library

I have been a really good girl this year, and I have been nice to my little brother and share my toys. For Christmas, I would like to have a princess dress, a coloring book. A camera to take lots of pictures with. Also, I would like some sparkle fingernail polish to paint my nails.

Thank you,
Cheyanne Helmer

Hi! My name is Jacy and I am 6 years old! I live in the city of Marion in the state of Kansas which is in the country of USA. I have been trying really hard to get on your “nice” list this year. Some of the wonderful things I have done are: 1. I helped Sara learn how to skip bars on the monkey bars. 2. I helped a hurt friend named Taryn. 3. I helped Mommy make supper. I have a few special Christmas wishes. They are: 1. A microphone stand so I can sing. 2. An American Doll horse for my doll. I want a light brown one. 3. New earrings. I am very excited for your visit. I promise to leave out some cookies for you to snack on. Please give my favorite reindeer, Cupid, a huge hug for me. I will leave out carrots for them. Happy holidays!

Your pal,
Jacy Adkins

How are you? All I want for Christmas is a Barbie Dream House, a pink bike with training wheels, and a Barbie to go with the Dream House. If it is not too much trouble I need a new crayon box and a coloring book (Barbie). Tell the reindeer “hi” for me.

Emily S.

All I want this year is a Giga action figure. I know you are very busy and all getting Dasher and all the reindeer ready but I really want a new Barbie Dream House with Ken of Toy Story 3. But I really hope you like the milk and cookies my mom worked very hard on them. I really want to come and see Mrs. Clause one day. She must be very busy cooking for the elfs and all. My mommy said you can see me all the time. My mommy told me I need to have a role model and I said Santa. I don’t know how you get everywhere so fast. I was glad to sit on your lap today and tell you what I wanted. I also need a new box of crayons my red crayon broke. I hope you read my whole letter because I really love you you are my hero.


P.S. Look on the back.

I love you, Santa! I hope you have safe travels. I would like a fire truck with a crane, two transformers (a Bumblebee and a jet), and a super garage.

Keenan, age 4½

How are you? Are you ready for Christmas? I have been a good boy. I would like a knight’s castle that pulls out big. Dad told me you can get that at Walmart. I will leave you cookies where to get it. My brother might help me make it. I would also like a joker house.

Merry Christmas,
Harrison, age 4

P.S. I would like some socks, too.

I would like to have a “Luke” train from Thomas the Train please. I would like to have a John Deere tractor like Daddy has also.

Thank you,

I would like some Stompeez and a new bike and new shoes with butterflies on them also some new purple baby dolls and a new game for my Leap Frog and that’s all.

Thank you,

I would like some dolls, puzzles, and Legos.


I would like some crayons and cars and trucks.


How are you? My name is Brooklyn and I am 2 years old. I’ve tried to be good this year. I would like a new dollhouse for Christmas and Mommy says I need big girl panties (I’m not sure I do). I will help Mommy and my sister and brothers bake you cookies and leave out some reindeer food, too!

Brooklyn M.

My name is Brody, I am 4 years old. I would like two dump trucks, two Buzz Lightyear toys, one for me and one for my brother. I would also like a new firetruck, a Batman car, and a new car for Christmas. And a new bike for my brother Billy. Thank you, Santa.

Brody Coleman

I want Stinky the Trash Truck for Christmas. My brother wants an alligator wagon.


I would like a bicycle, Lala Loopsy dolls and Lala Loopsy house, Polly Pockets, baby doll for Christmas and Wii game (Dora if possible), DVD Lala Loopsy, and Stompeez, shoes, flowers, pillow, light heart game for Leapster. That is all.

Thank you,

Are you done making all the goodies? I want you to make more candy for me. I want a lot of candy and presents. I would like a real dirtbike for Christmas, it turns on with a button and goes fast. I like you — that’s all.


I love you! You are my favorite! I would like a Venom Spider-Man costume! Also a red Spider-Man costume. How are your reindeer? One more thing Santa, I would like a Power-Wheels truck. Thank you Santa!


I want some skates and a live guinea pig and that is what I want. Caleb wants a toy truck and toy chopper and that’s what Caleb wants.


Christmas is my favorite holiday. I would like a puppy for Christmas. Also I would like a set of drums and the game bridge. I will have a plate of sugar cookies ready for you on Christmas Eve. Thank you Santa!


I have been a good boy. I hope you bring me a truck like my daddy’s, so I can push it around. Please tell Rudolph the reindeer hi for me.

Thank you,

I would like a new bike for Christmas and a helmet. I would like a blue one. What kind of reindeer do you like? I like Rudolph the best, do you like him the best, too? How nice are your reindeer?


I want the Dream lite, the Thomas the Train set, and Stompeez for Christmas.

Thank you,

My name is Cooper and I am 4 years old. I’ve been a good boy most of the year. I would like a watergun so I can squirt my daddy, a John Deere Lego set, a computer, a phone, a black vest like my daddy’s, a DS, and an iPad. What kinds of cookies do you like and what should I leave out for the reindeer?


Can you come to my house? I might like some kitchen food to play with and a few mermaids.

Dylan Kraus

Can I have a wooden pocket knife? It’s only for play, not real. I won’t hurt myself. I love you.

Ryder Kraus

I have been pretty good this year. Can I have a unicorn that lights up and sings and a pink sparkle hat?

Taryn Krau

Could I please have a package of origami paper and a easy to understand book of origami? I also want another latch hook project. Lastly, if there’s room on the sleigh, I would want a fortune cookie maker.

Elise Eleanor Schlehuber

For Christmas I would like an automatic toothbrush a plastic tube of M&Ms and stickers for my automatic toothbrush and for giving back homemade M&M cookies your favorite.

Gabriella Schlehuber

I know I have already sent you a few letters, but I forgot to list a few things. I really like Justin Bieber, so anything with him on it, I will love. I don’t have a Justin Bieber puzzle yet, so I would really like one of those. Then I would really like a Pretzel Bakery, Newborn Baby, and Twist Talk game. I am trying to be nice and listen to my Dad and Mom. I will leave you cookies and milk. I will also leave a snack for the reindeer. I have been loving Jack the Elf. He has been hiding really silly and I love waking up in the morning to see where he is hiding. Today he was hiding by my gingerbread house and had eaten some of it.

Grace Ashton Hett

I want a Lite Sprit Meadow. I want a Barbie Ballet. I want a Barbie movie. I want a rip-out calendar. I want a fairy doll. I want dress-up clothes. I want a fake makeup kit. I want a coloring book too.


My name is Gavin. I live in Marion. What I want for Christmas is snow. This is my Christmas list: football tape, football cleats, football pads, baseball pants, kickoff tee, long socks.


Hi! My name is Jonathan and I am 7 years old! I live Marion, Kansas, which is in the USA. I have been trying really hard to get on your “nice” list this year. Some of the wonderful things I have done are: 1. Help my dad put on the lights. 2. I help my mom. 3. I wrote a soldier a letter. I have a few special Christmas wishes. They are: 1. Dream light. 2. fishing pole. 3. mini-computer. I am very excited for your visit! I promise to leave out some cookies for you to snack on! Please give my favorite reindeer, Prancer, a huge hug for me! Happy holidays!

Your pal,
Jonathan Leo Frese

My name is Liran Wasmuth, and I am 4 years old. I have been a pretty good boy this year, but I can be awfully naughty. Luckily my cuteness gets me out of too much trouble. I hate “timeouts” in my bedroom! This year for Christmas I would like some snow to play in. I would also like anything to do with animals, like puzzles, books, etc. I especially love farm animals! Thank you Santa, I hope to see you soon!


How have you been? I have been good this year. Here are some of the things I would like you to bring me for Christmas! Spider-man web shooter glove, guitar, Dr. Dreadful Alien Autopsy set, Smartlabs Toys Weird and Wacky Contraption Lab, Legos Ninjago Fangpyre Mech, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman stuff, Star Wars Darth Maul light saber, Nerf guns. I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks.


I would like a Furby and a pet lizard. I would also like a couple of new clothes. Thank you.


I have been a good girl this year. I would like to have My Little Pony Got Married and a Dreamlight. I also would like for you to give baby Autum lots of toys. I would like any toy in the world that you bring me.


My name is Rusty. I have tried to be good all year. My teacher’s name is Mrs. Leslie and I love school. I would like a monster truck, a combine, and two race cars for me and my poppa. My mommy wants a big deer for the front yard.

I love you Santa,

P.S. I will leave you some cookies and milk for your trip and apples and some carrots for your reindeer.

I want for Christmas: makeup, box with butterflies on it, slippers, crayons, markers. Thank you so much!


I would like a Terrain Twister and an iPad, monster, camera, Mario Party, Mario Kart DS, Cars 2 DS, Monster High.


Can I please have Jabba’s palace? If you cannot get it, then can I please have the walkie talkie?


Hope all is well with you and the elves. Tell Mrs. Claus that I will leave you plenty of cookies and milk. Please bring me some John Deere farm equipment and more animals. I would understand if they are too heavy, in that case I would like some more Thomas the Train playset pieces or some new books.

Your friend,

How are you? I have been good. Today I would like a motorcycle, a Transformer and Bumble Bee Transformer. I will leave cookies and a special picture for you.


I have been good this year. I would like some muffins. I also want some marbles and trains. How are your reindeer?

Your friend,

For Christmas, I’d like a toy car and a cool hat. I also enjoy Thomas the Tank Engine movies. I hope you and the reindeer are doing good. Be careful on Christmas Eve.


I would really like snow for Christmas so that I can build snowballs and a snowman! I want a new bike and a new car! I would also like puzzles for Christmas. Thank you Santa!


I have been very good this year. Please bring me a princess flag, Dora doll with the potty chair, backpack, and map. I also want a squeaky rabbit and mouse. I love you!


I am on your nice list. I would like a Big Tow Mater that talks. Also a big Fin McMissle. I hope your reindeer are good! Also I would like a big Lightning McQueen and some bright Christmas lights for my house. Thank you Santa I hope to see you soon!


How are you? I love you, Santa Claus. I have been a good

girl. I would like a purple Care Bear for Christmas and a big pony that has a lot of things to do with her.

Merry Christmas,
Maddi, age 4

I would like a racecar that goes really fast … a Spongebob Squarepants movie … a Thomas the Train set that goes choo choo … a monster truck … and a coloring book.


I would like a big Barbie Dream House and Barbies that come with everything new clothes and a swim suit. I would like more dolls and a tiny toy puppy and even candy in my stocking. I want a Barbie with the camera in her and last but not least a princess that dances and talks and a huge castle.


How are the reindeer? What are their names? Merry Christmas, Santa.


Are your reindeer nice? I would love to pet one someday! Which reindeer is your favorite? My favorite reindeer is Rudolph! I would like a new bike for Christmas. I like to draw with markers too. Have a safe trip on Christmas Eve!


How are you and Mrs. Clause? I have tried to be a good girl this year. Will you please bring me cool baker and a stuffed bear and glass slippers, candy and bubble gum, one pretty dress, computer, toy wagon for my dolls, and a flying helicopter with a controller. Thank you for your consideration. Hope I’m not on the naughty list.


I have been good this year. I would like Star Wars Legos, race car tower with Lightning McQueen, Hot Wheels cars, and the Avengers. Also a big castle.

Luke Wessel

I would like to have some tractors, a snake, an airplane, a choo choo train, and a fire truck.

Thank you,
Jace Helmer

How are you? I have been a good boy this year. I would like an Imaginext castle and Batman Batcave for Christmas. I saw you at the parade the other day. Mommy said the reindeer were resting for Christmas and that’s why you were riding a firetruck. I will leave you cookies and milk.


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