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Marion clubs a great way to get involved

Student writer

The school year is just a few weeks old, but sophomore Anderson Waddell is already a big fan of Marion High School’s new club days.

Anderson is a member of the cooking club and one of 30 students who responded to a survey about monthly club days.

He gave the new initiative a perfect 10, indicating the highest possible level of satisfaction.

He enjoys Club Day because he loves meeting new people. His only request — more time for club meetings.

Although Cooking Club has not been able to cook because the short meeting time in seminar, Anderson says the club is planning to make desserts instead. Anderson thinks he will use the skills learned in Cooking Club throughout his life.

At the end of Travis Rogers’ first year as high school principal he found that student participation was an area that needed improvement.

“Of the 140 kids we have here, we have a good portion of them involved in multiple activities… but we also have 1/3 of the students that aren’t involved in anything,” he said.

To increase student involvement, teachers in the high school each sponsor a club. These clubs range from yoga to classic rock theory, and everything in between.

Once a month during seminar, every student participates in at least one club, where they meet for half an hour.

Senior Jazmin Lewis rated Marion’s Club Days a five. Jazmin is a part of the Coloring For Teens Club sponsored by Elanor Klenda.

When asked if she likes Club Day, she replied that she liked Club Day because her club helps release stress. She also appreciates learning communication and coloring skills through her club and believes Club Day should be kept.

When asked about the projected impact of Club Day, Rogers said it’s too early to know for sure.

He also mentioned the possibility of using collaboration schedule on future Club Days to allow for more time.

The ultimate goal is involvement of all Marion High School students throughout their four years.

Last modified Oct. 3, 2019