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Marion county most represented county at livestock show

In the Kansas Junior Livestock Show, 713 4-H and FFA members have entered 1,456 animals in the competition Sept. 23 through 26 at the Kansas Pavilions in Wichita. Marion County is sending 31 exhibitors, the most of any county in the state.

Separate from the selection of species champions, a showmanship contest will be held. The top showman in the junior and senior division will receive a silver belt buckle.

KJLS will present a number of scholarships ranging from $750 to $2,500 to exhibitors who have excelled academically, in community service, and in 4-H or FFA. Last year, $18,900 was awarded to 11 exhibitors.

When the competition is complete, grand and reserve steers, hogs, lambs, and goats will be sold at the auction of champions 7 p.m. Sept. 26.

Marion County participants

Cailey Barney, Tampa — commercial ewe

Jared Barney, Tampa — commercial ewe

Zach Barney, Tampa — shropshire breeding ewe, commercial breeding heifer

Katey Ehrlich, Marion — commercial breeding heifer

Ethan Frantz, Hillsboro — market barrow (2)

Lauren Geis, Durham — shorthorn breeding heifer, commercial breeding heifer, market barrow (2), market lamb

Lisa Geis, Durham — shorthorn breeding heifer, market barrow (2).

Cade Harms, Lincolnville — charolais breeding heifer (2)

Payton Harms, Lincolnville — red angus breeding heifer

Taylor Harms, Lincolnville — commercial ewe

Mesa Merrel, Hillsboro — market lamb (2), meat goat (2)

Cassandra Meyer, Tampa — Hereford breeding heifer, commercial ewe (2)

Elizabeth Meyer, Tampa — commercial ewe

Nicholas Meyer, Tampa — commercial ewe

Darren Mueller, Tampa — market lamb (2)

Jack Parks, Peabody — market barrow

Cody Parmley, Cedar Point — market barrow (2)

Corin Parmley, Cedar Point — market barrow (2), market lamb (2)

Callie Riffel, Lincolnville — market barrow (2)

Jensen Riffel, Lincolnville — market barrow (2)

Kailyn Riffel, Lincolnville — market barrow (2)

Kara Riffel, Tampa — market barrow, meat goat

Karl Riffel, Tampa — market barrow

Kyle Riffel, Tampa — market barrow, meat goat (2)

Bryce Roberts, Hillsboro — maine-anjou breeding heifer, market lamb (2)

Landon Roberts, Hillsboro — angus breeding heifer, market lamb (2)

Sa Rae Roberts, Hillsboro — angus breeding heifer, market lamb (2)

Maci Schlehuber, Hillsboro — charolais breeding heifer (2)

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