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Marion curbs truck parking

Staff writer

Marion City Council voted unanimously Monday to prohibit truck and heavy equipment parking on any street and on most residential lots within the City of Marion.

Heavy trucks may not be parked within any area zoned residential without a permit. Permits are issued by Utility Supervisor Marty Frederickson if the applicant meets certain requirements.

  • The parking does not impede any city improvements.
  • Adjacent streets are built to withstand truck traffic.
  • The property must have electricity available.
  • The owner or operator must present an application with the written consent of all owners of residential property lying within 100 feet of the lot containing the proposed parking area.
  • The permit expires after two years.
  • Only one truck or trailer is allowed per permit
  • No permits are possible along Main Street or North Cedar Street.

A fee for the permit is yet to be established but the ordinance does say that violators of the ordinance will be subject to fines. The suggested fine amount in the ordinance is $250, but the council voted to amend that to be decided by a municipal judge, who may fine the violator any sum not exceeding $500.

The ordinance will go in effect after it is published in the Marion County Record for two weeks. It appears the first time in this week’s paper.

In other business:

  • The council approved zoning regulation amendments presented by Planning and Zoning Board representative Chad Gormley. Council member Jerry Dieter did modify one amendment. Holding or storing toxic waste was designated as an operation prohibited by the city. Dieter amended the section to include an exception for Environmental Protection Agency License holders.
  • The council approved a water conservation plan. The city used 115 gallons per person of water per day in 2010, according to the plan.

Last modified June 28, 2012