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Marion-Florence FFA plans fundraiser

Staff writer

Though it’s not quite the same as medieval alchemists’ quest to transform base metals into gold, Warrior fans and FFA supporters will have chance to turn cow chips into $100 cold hard cash during Friday night’s home football game in a cow-chip bingo fundraiser.

FFA members will sell chances to play at the start of the game and during the first quarter.

At the end of the first quarter, a cow will be released into a pen near the stadium’s entrance gate, the ground of which will be covered with 2’x2’ squares participants can purchase.

Though it was not revealed just how much the cow will have eaten before hand, or if there would be any digestive aids administered to the bovine, a winner will be determined when nature takes it course.

The player who selects the square that receives the most cow chips will be victorious.

Spaces cost $5 per chance or $10 for three. All funds will go to Marion-Florence FFA chapter.

Last modified Oct. 22, 2014