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Marion, Hillsboro appear headed for 2-A

It’s still too early to tell, but it appears that a class realignment adopted last week by the state will put both Marion and Hillsboro securely in Class 2-A for all sports.

For several years, both schools have been on the cusp between 3-A and 2-A, often being in one class for football and another for other sports.

For sports other than football, the state is increasing the number of schools in Classes 6-A and 5-A and reducing the number in Class 4-A, eliminating what had been two-division splits within that class and within Class 1-A.

If all enrollments statewide were to remain the same, Marion would no longer be one of the smallest 3-A schools and Hillsboro the largest 2-A school. Rather, both would be securely in the middle of class 2-A. Goessel, Peabody-Burns, and Centre would remain in 1-A.

In football, 6-A and 5-A would be unchanged. The lower division of 4-A would move to 3-A, and the bottom quarter of 3-A would move to 2-A, which no longer would be merged with 1-A.

Again, assuming no enrollment changes, Marion and Hillsboro would both be in the upper quarter of Class 2-A. Classification for schools playing eight-man football would be unchanged.

The state’s classification system is based on numbers of students enrolled. A different formula is used for football than for other sports. Final results, which will not impact play until 2018-19, will not be determined until fall.

Last modified June 28, 2017