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Marion Junior Wrestlers compete

The Marion Junior Wrestlers have competed in the following tournaments.

Emporia, Dec. 8

Chance Shults DNP; Tristen Dye, DNP; Landon Dye, second; Jarrett Johnson, third; Todd Palic, second; Payton Harms, fourth; Bryce Shults, second; Trevor Schafers, third.

Marion Rhino Rumble, Saturday

6 and under: Ayden Perez, fourth; Quenton Taylor, first; Logan Amos, fourth; Colten Gormely, third; Caleb Lollar, second; Landon Dye, second; Travor Schafers, first.

8 and under: Chance Shults, third; Micheal Hendricks, second; Nathan Hoffner, second; Tristen Dye, second; Caulin James, third; Kadyn Hein, second.

10 and under: Burton Harshman, first; Todd Palic, second; Lane Pettijohn, third; Quade Williams, second.

12 and under: Payton Harms, first; Braydin Sippel, second; Corbin Wheeler, second; Garrett Hoffner, third; Charlie Nordquist, fourth.

14 and under: Noah Albin, third; Jarrett Johnson, second; Bryce Shults, second; Tyler Arocha, fourth; Jarret McLinden, second.

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