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Jessica Ensley’s class

I would like Hershey kisses, fidget spinners, and art & craft supplies for Christmas this year, also a new bike if possible. Thank you Santa


I would like a pop it bracelet and a cowgirl doll! I have been good so far and our elf Jingle watches us everyday! I also talk to you on our santa cam! I love you and will make sure we have cookies and milk waiting for you Christmas along with carrots for the raindeer!


I have been good. I want a light up pony and mermaid.


Can you please bring me a Lego set? I want to short stuffed dolphin plees! New shoes and a Santa pillow


Katie Rane’s class

Can you please give me a Lego marble run? And another live dog, elf on the shelf.


I would like Barbie dolls, Baby dolls, LOL dolls. A dollhouse, a big puppy and a Harley Quinn poster.


  • Blue T-Ball bat
  • Barbie Camper
  • Peace + quiet
  • Headphones
  • A bigger i-pad
  • Barbie kitchen
  • X-mas book
  • New box of crayons


I like you and you have a nice hat. Can I please have a walkie talkie? I have kind of been nice this year.


I love you. I like your suit. Can I please have a big shark monster truck? I was kind of good. I will keep being good.


Sarah Mason’s class

I wish I had a captain America toy and a new tablet.


I wont laser goggles and a real puppy like Lola.


I like your reindeer. I hope you are doing good. I would like an American girl doll and a cleaning set. I would also like my very own playhouse and a baby kitten. Can you bring something fun for my brothers? I will leave you some carrots for the reindeer and some cookies for you. Please tell Mrs. Claus hi. And tell the reindeer I love them.


I would like a laser protector and a laser alarm. I would also like a book that I can read. I would like a bicycle that is a size that fits me.

Ezra Ensey

I want a transformer car, a skateboard, and a football stand. I would also like a football jersey with the #99 on it. Oh and a big toy dumptruck too please!

Lane W.

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