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Marion Kiwanis gets look at Hillsboro plan

Twenty Marion Kiwanis listened Oct. 6 as Hillsboro mayor Lou Thurston talked about Hillsboro’s recently approved strategic plan.

Thurston said both towns have shown resiliency in recovering from disasters and maintaining a solid work ethic.

He encouraged county communities to work together for the improvement of all.

“If we don’t work together, if we don’t collaborate, nothing happens,” Thurston said.

One of the needs Hillsboro has identified is additional housing for families.

A Hillsboro employer expects to need a significant number of new workers, which means additional need for housing, Thurston said.

Thurston said a recently-finished walking trail has improved quality of life. Marion is considering development of a walking trail.

Top goals in Hillsboro’s plan are to:

  • Expand child care options.
  • Expand the city’s range of housing options.
  • Develop a pipeline of workers to support current and future businesses.
  • Invest in community development.
  • Protect the city’s financial well-being.
  • Provide high-quality facilities for public safety organizations.

Last modified Oct. 14, 2021