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MARION: Marion, Centre tee it up for golf

Staff writer

Max Venable has coached golf for over three years, but has only coached at Marion High School for half a year.

“It’s an interesting situation,” he said.

This is not his first golf season at Marion, however: in the fall of 2021, he organized an all-girls golf team.

“When girls play during the boy’s season, they have to hit from the same tees that the boys do, and they’re not used to doing that,” he said. “They have to hit in a different tee box, and they have to hit 18 holes like the boys do. It’s definitely a disservice, but it’s how things have always been. I don’t know why they do that.”

Four Centre boys are returning to the boys team this year, although the number of Marion players is unknown.

“One kid has to figure out if he’s going to keep the job he has, and two kids want to talk with their parents about it,” Venable said.

He is certain that two Marion golfers who participated last year will be returning, making a team of six at minimum.

The students are enthusiastic and eager to learn, which makes them easy to coach, according to Venable.

“They’re interested in improving,” he said. “They’re all very new to the game, and this is a tough game to pick up. The learning curve to it is pretty severe, and as a result, I think the expectations of it are a little different. It gives them an outlet to be a part of, but it’s something to be competitive with, too.”

Last year, two Marion players went to regional competition and one Centre player placed at state.

The team is focusing on fundamentals and the short game in daily practices after school. “You spend about 66% of your shots within 120 yards, so we do a lot of work there,” Venable said.

The team’s first match will be April 6 at Herington.

Last modified March 30, 2022