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Marion Middle School honor roll

Marion Middle School released this second-quarter honor roll, with grade-point averages on a scale of 4 equaling all A’s, Jan. 8.

Marion Middle school

Sixth grade

High honors — Harrison Beery, Maria Carlson, Vlad Harris, Kadon Mercer, and Jaxon Salsbury, 4.0; Daisy Giles, Jessi Hayes, Madisyn Hulett, and Keenan Lange, 3.8571.

Regular honors — Cooper Brewer, Shaliah Ensley, Shyann Harris, Shyann Harris, Hailey Harshman, and Gabrielle Stuchlik, 3.7143; Bella Hett and Kattie Stultz, 3.5714.

Honorable mention — Isaac Bouslog, Alexis Branson, Molly Henry, Kayla McPhail, Eldon Smith, Kate Watkins, and Breane Williams, 3.4286; Jesse Snyder and Owen White, 3.2857; Kayle Creevan, McKenzie Hayes, Carson Krause, and Cheyenne Voyles, 3.1439; Landon Bryant, Tripps Cody, and Wyatt Soyez, 3.0714; Arthur Thornhill, 3.0.

Seventh grade

High honors — Addison Cooper, Alexis Hostetler, Taryn Kraus, Brian Nguyen, Haiti Schafers, and Kenna Wesner, 4.0; Sophia Dye, Alyera Koehn, Miriam Mason, Erin Regnier, and Luke Wessel, 3.8571.

Regular honors — Sara Groening and Luke Watkins, 3.7143; Bailey Clevenger, 3.6429; Kellen Waner, 3.5714.

Honorable mention — Georgia Madgwick and Scout Redger, 3.4286; Logan Amos, 3.3571; Sawyer Giles, Charley Ann Matthews, and Ashton Oursler, 3.2857.

Eighth grade

High honors — Cooper Bailey, Jonathan Frese, Grace Hett, Haley Kraus, Natalie Sigel, and Gavin Wasmuth, 4.0; Tessa Mendoza, Gabrielle Newell, and Trevor Schafers, 3.9286; Landon Dye, Ella Mackey, and Quenton Taylor, 3.8571; Paige Ensey, 3.7857.

Wyatt Helmer and Jagger Miller, 3.7143; Jack Lanning, 3.6429; Caleb Darrow, Phinneas Madgwick, and Lacey Willingham, 3.5.

Honorable mention — Michael Hendricks, 3.3571; Gavin Regier, 3.2857; Conner Austin, Brayden Blackman, Addie Coleman, and Cole Smith, 3.2143.

Last modified Jan. 16, 2020