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Marion police

Officers conducted traffic stops, ran radar, patrolled school zones, completed VIN inspections, performed vehicle maintenance, performed school and business walk throughs, completed reports, completed follow ups, and performed business and house watches during the two week period of Jan. 8 through Jan. 22

Jan. 8: A report of an underage party was taken. Officers were briefed on the city littering policy. Interviews were conducted in reference to a criminal damage to property case. Officers responded to a civil matter. Drug paraphernalia was found in an alley. Officers responded to assist Emergency Medical Services.

Jan. 9: A theft report was taken. Criminal interviews were conducted at the office.

Jan. 10: Officers responded to a dog at large call. Officers responded to a warrant in the 300 block of Main Street.

Jan. 11: Officers attended a ball game. Officers found an open door.

Jan. 12: Officers checked a suspicious vehicle. Officers performed a welfare check. Storage units were checked. Another suspicious vehicle was checked.

Jan. 13: A funeral escort was provided. A suspicious vehicle was checked. Officers called City Attorney Keith Collett in reference to a criminal case. Officers assisted Florence Police Department with a search warrant. Officers responded to a call about an underage party on Main Street.

Jan. 14: Officers assisted the Marion County Sheriff’s office with a criminal damage to property report.

Jan. 15: A criminal damage to property report was checked. Officers responded to a custody issue.

Jan. 16: A dog-at-large complaint was checked.

Jan. 17: A funeral escort was performed. Officers made an arrest for pickup and detain.

Jan. 18: Officers ate lunch at school with students. An accident report was taken. Officers attended meetings at city hall, Sheriff’s office, and County Attorney’s Office.

Jan. 19: A complaint of a suspicious vehicle was checked.

Jan. 20: A report of a lost purse was taken. A report of a stolen radio was taken. A welfare check was performed.

Jan. 21: Officers checked a report of a stolen vehicle and found said vehicle.

Jan. 22: Officers performed a welfare check.

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