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Marion’s budget talks virtually non-existent

Staff writer

Marion Vice Mayor Ruth Herbel pushed to amend Monday’s city council agenda to include for the first time discussion about planned expenditures in next year’s budget.

Herbel led the meeting because Mayor David Mayfield was out of town.

“We have not had a chance to even review the budget … because we’ve had no meetings whatsoever,” Herbel said.

Herbel, council member Jerry Kline and a vocal resident shared their concerns about the city’s spending plan for next year.

“I just think it’s way out of hand,” Kline said.

Darvin Markley, chairman of the planning and zoning board, also expressed concerns about that group’s budget.

He noted that the state shows planning and zoning’s 2023 budget as $37,800. The board has been trying to update its zoning books, he said.

“The zoning board is only as good as the books,” Markley told the Record on Tuesday.

The board wanted to put money away for that project, but the proposed budget for planning and zoning next year is $5,000.

“I would like to know if any of the council has voted on that before it even had budget hearings,” Markley said. “I don’t think the city administrator — I don’t think he has the authority to do that. I’m all for Brogan, don’t get me wrong — young man coming in. I hope he can do his job, but I don’t think he has the authority to do that.”

The only public meeting about the budget was July 5, when consultant Scot Loyd led a preliminary budget workshop.

Last modified Aug. 24, 2023