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MARION SENIOR CENTER: Patrons turn into Mouseketeers

Senior Center correspondent

It was a busy week for birthdays at Marion Senior Center as patrons celebrated birthdays for Keith Allison, Charla Wheeler, Marilyn Geis, and Mickey Mouse throughout the week with songs and sweets.

Sue Clough led “Mouseketeers” in a rendition of the club song to honor the animated varmint’s Nov. 18 origin in 1928.

Shirley Bowers and Janet Bryant displayed mouse collectibles, and several patrons wore appropriate sweatshirts.

President Clough announced that the Area Agency on Aging hired Barb Bitner as head cook during a business meeting. Bitner has been cooking food for several months.

Mayor Todd Heitschmidt visited Nov. 14 to discuss city projects.

The center is seeking volunteers to embroider tea towels.

Gerry Henderson and Keith Allison will perform a musical Christmas program after lunch Tuesday.

Last modified Nov. 27, 2014