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Marion to add pair of 4-way stops

Staff writer

Marion City Council on Monday approved two new four-way stops on Lawrence St. at its intersections with Freeborn and Roosevelt Sts.

The stops are part of the Safe Routes Program designed by Police Chief Tyler Mermis.

“We’re concerned about people’s speeds in those areas and also the amounts of school kids crossing those intersections. Some people look for the kids, some don’t,” he said. “We’re afraid someone is going to get killed at these intersections.”

Mermis said most of the problem is people do not know who to yield to. He said most accidents at those intersections are from people who do not yield.

“People are forgetting what they learned in driver’s ed,” he said. “When two cars come to an unmarked intersection at the same time on South Freeborn St. they should treat it like a four-way stop and yield to the person to the right.”

In addition to the new four-ways, Mermis plans to add two-way stops along the hospital route, making ambulance routes quicker, and decreasing the speed within residential areas to 20 mph during the next budget year.

The city plans for signage to be installed by the end of the week.

Mermis also told the council that the grant request for a portable radar sign had been approved. The grant allows the city to purchase a new sign.

The current sign, which was borrowed from the Kansas Department of Transportation, is being repaired by after mechanical difficulties.

In other business:

  • The council approved a request by the Fireman’s Relief Association in Marion to pay 15 percent or around $1,200, to supplement state aid for personal insurance for city firefighters. According to state mandate, firefighters must pay a certain amount outside of state allotted money for insurance each year.
  • The council approved a joint marketing effort to market insurance to homeowners in case of sewer or water line break. The insurance would be offered through Utility Service Partners Private Label Inc. and would cover lines from city connects until they reach a residence.
  • A public hearing regarding 2013 budget amendments was set for 4 p.m. Oct. 28, before the regular council meeting.

Last modified Oct. 17, 2013