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Marion to repair 37 curbs, hopes to hire new city clerk

Staff writer

The City of Marion already has several resumes for the city clerk position vacated by Angela Lange, according to city administrator Roger Holter.

“We hope to begin the process of going through the resumes to decide who we would like to interview,” he said.

Holter expects the process to begin over the next couple of weeks. A panel of city employees and a few council members will interview two or three candidates before the council selects the new clerk.

Lange resigned Jan. 1. Assistant Rebecca Makovec is filling in until a new clerk is hired.

Employees Clayton Garnica and Jeff Harper laid out plans for curb and gutter repairs.

The city has budgeted $5,000 for repairs. Garnica described via pictures 37 places that need repairs. The 17 most pressing will be fixed in 2014; the rest in 2015.

“Most places are where places are holding water and it will eventually break the road away,” Garnica said. “Most of the fixes are where the gutters are not on the metal and rock grade and they have sunk, shifted and began to crack.”

Locations include 203 S. Lincoln; the entrance to Fink St; Jefferson and Walnut Sts; south entrance at the Marion County Record, alley entrance of Nickerson St. between Roosevelt and Cedar Sts.; 126 N. Freeborn St; 328 Locust St; 146 S. Lincoln St; 221 S. Cedar St; 321 N. Lincoln St; 705 S. Freeborn St; 410 N. Lincoln St; 331 Locust St; Locust and Lawrence Sts; 111 N. 4th St; and 318 N. and 302 N. Third Sts.

The council also approved a request from Fire Chief Mike Regnier to increase responders’ compensation per call from $10 to $15. This is the first time in 20 years the council has increased compensation.

Funding will come from the fire department’s existing budget. Regnier said he has never used the full amount in the budget since being made chief. The department responded to 56 calls during 2014.

Last modified Jan. 9, 2014