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Mechanic reopens business for 3rd time

Staff writer

Marion mechanic Rick LeShure recently decided to reopen his repair shop under a different name after closing twice before.

About 15 months before his realization, LeShure repaired combines, tractors, and other massive farm implements at Straub International in Marion.

“Troubleshooting and turnaround time takes longer with big machines like that,” he said, “but the worst thing was there was always something to hit your head on.”

The freedom of working for himself prompted him to venture into the realm of running a small business again.

Another contributing factor to his decision was calls from over 500 customer contacts he said had saved in his cell phone.

“I was getting calls every other day from people who wanted me to work on equipment,” LeShure said. “At the time, the side work was more of a hobby really, but the community’s continued interest made me think small engines were my calling.”

He realized Marion needs a small engine specialty service. He said he’s excited to fit that niche.

Previously dubbed “Rick’s Service” for a 10 month period in 2006 and then “Power Pros” from 2011 to 2013, LeShure named his business after himself again, only this time it’s just called, “Rick’s.”

“‘Rick’s Service’ was mostly automotive repair, tires repair, and oil change sort of thing,” he said. “I closed because there was too much competition.”

He worked at PrarieLand Partners over four years before he opened Power Pros in 2011, which was open over two years before he started at Straub.

“I just had too much work and not enough suitable help,” LeShure said. “On top of the repair work, I was doing the all the office work, pickup and delivery, part research and other stuff on my own.”

This time, LeShure said he has sufficient help. He plans to target small engines, and hopes to “efficiently get people’s stuff done.”

Scheduled to open Thursday, Rick’s will be located at 143 W. Main St. in the same building as his previous ventures. LeShure can be reached at (620) 381-0203.

Last modified Sept. 30, 2015