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may 20, 1915

The 29th annual commencement exercises for Marion High School will be May 25 at the Auditorium. The first class graduated from Marion High School in 1884. There were four members in the class. Of course, the school is much older than that, the district having been formed in 1865. This class will bring the number of alumni to nearly 270.

All school children of the town, up to and including the sixth grade, are requested to meet at the Courthouse Saturday afternoon, May 28, to drill for exercises to be given on Decoration Day.

The May Fete was a great success. The parade of the children down Main Street, in their gay colored costumes, made an especially fine impression.

The census taken by the tax assessors shows a decrease in population of the county of 476. Figures for this year show a county population of 21,630. Population of the towns is as follows: Burns 422, Durham 285, Florence 1,258, Hillsboro 1,254, Lehigh 366, Lost Springs 261, Lincolnville 258, Marion 1,951, Peabody 1,402, Ramona 259, and Tampa 221.

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