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August 10, 1911

V.H. McMillen has sold the Owl Car to G.J. Triboulet and the latter has taken charge. Mr. McMillen has run one of the finest little eating places ever in town. He has been thinking of locating in Denver and pushing the Liquid Coffee business, but he was out there the first of the week and the altitude seemed to be too high for him, and he may decide to locate elsewhere.

This evening there will be a picnic at the Adkins place. The following girls will be present: Misses Genevieve Funk, Bessie Evans, Irene Blackburn, Pauline Thomas, Edith Hodge, Irma Wolf, Theo Thompson, Lucile Wolf and Daisy Wible.

Will Rudd has made a galvanized iron rowboat that is attracting considerable attention. It is light, strong and durable and boats of this construction have met with a large sale at other places where they have been introduced. On account of their lightness they can easily be put in and taken from the water by one man and are especially well adapted to be taken along on camping trips.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Moore came down from the ranch today, the first time they have been down for a number of weeks. Mr. Moore says the country is looking fine now.

The county tax levy for this year has been fixed at $1.25 on the thousand dollars.

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