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august 31, 1911

Miss Olsen Wins

Miss Mary Olsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nees Olsen, was the winner in the Silver Medal Contest held at the Baptist church last Friday.

There were five contestants for the medal: Misses Audry Higgins, Mary Sacket, Lucy Martin, Mary Olsen and Virginia Matlock.

All the young ladies gave fine rendering of their selections and the evening was a pleasant one.

Open on Monday

The Marion schools will open on Monday of next week. This year our schools open with a teaching force of fifteen—seven teachers in the high school, eight in the grades.

Labor Day Picnic

There will be a Labor Day Picnic here on Monday of next week and quite a program has been arranged—speeches, ball game, etc. There will be music by the Bosh, Svitak and Bixler bands. The Farmers’ Union will serve refreshments on the grounds.

The Record force is indebted to Mr. Harn of the Marion Produce Co. for a mighty fine watermelon. The melon was raised near Abilene and it was a fine specimen in every respect excepting that is seemed lacking in keeping qualities. It lasted but a very few minutes after reaching this office.

P.H. Willey lost the horn off of his motor car a few days ago and he would be greatly obliged if the finder would leave it at the Record office.

J.E. Evans and Will Rudd were in Kansas City the first of the week buying the furnace and material for the heating plant which they will install in the Smith-Goodsheller hospital.

Auto Owners: If you are not satisfied with the Old Way of repairing your punctures, better adopt the New Way. Cope’s Tire Repair Kit will do the work in a few minutes for a few pennies. Cope’s Sales System, Topeka, Kansas.

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