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september 14. 1911

Will Shanklin has taken the agency for the Ford Motor Car. It is a daisy of a car for the money and is enjoying an enormous sale all over the county. The agency is in good hands and there should be a number of Fords sold around here this fall.

A.E. Case went to Topeka on Sunday to look after the setting up of a big Marion county agricultural display. He will remain in charge of the display during the Topeka fair and will then take it to Hutchinson. We do not believe there will be a finer display of the kind at either of these fairs and the whole county owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Case for his enterprise in the matter. He has gone to a great deal of trouble and expense from year to year in having these cabinet exhibits prepared.

As in several other towns in Kansas, the schools of Marion were dismissed before the regular hour on Tuesday afternoon on account of the heat, which registered nearly one hundred, with much humidity to add to the depressing effect.

The Record bunch is indebted to Prof. Jas. A. Ray for a basket of homegrown peaches that were good to look upon, and better to feed upon. They were seedlings grown on his home place and the finest we have seen this season.

Fourteen years ago, a Marion woman went to Kansas City to start a dressmaking school. This woman of courage tackled the job and has made good. Marion people know well of whom we write, Mrs. Sallie J. Smith. She now is co-inventor, proprietor and manager of the Queen City College of Tailoring and Dressmaking. Her old friends rejoice with her in the success she has won. She deserves every bit of it.

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