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september 28, 1911

A Postal Savings Bank will be established at the Marion Post Office on Oct. 18 under an order issued a few days ago by the Postmaster General. Accounts may be opened by anyone over 10 years of age who is a patron of the office. The service is free and no fee of any kind is required in connection with the opening of an account or the withdrawal of money deposited.

Mr. and Mrs. I.E. Myers and Mr. L.E. Riggs and family were in Hutchinson on Tuesday to see and hear President Taft. They made the trip in their autos, returning on Wednesday. The crowd that was there was estimated at 50,000, and while they got to see the President—and his smile—they did not get close enough to hear him.

Miss Hill and Miss Comstock, representatives of the New York Children’s Aid Society, have been here the past week looking after the children placed in homes around here. They have been guests of Dr. and Mrs. C.C. Jones. They have placed three boys in homes near here recently—John White, a boy about 14 years old, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Conyers; Fred Sollett, about 15 years old, at Mr. Herb Phillips’ home, and George Adamcek, who is about 10 years old, with Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Wiley. These are all splendid homes and the children are fortunate.

The Marion County Agricultural Display at the Hutchinson Fair took the Blue Ribbon again this year.

Miss Mary Constant had the misfortune to have her right arm broken over a week ago by being thrown from the car. A child ran in front of the car and in making a sudden turn to keep from running over the little one, Miss Mary was thrown from the car.

Mr. Yost went to Topeka on Tuesday to attend the Soldiers’ Reunion, and to see and hear President Taft.

Ladies who will take plants from the Park for care during the winter are requested to get them at the Park at 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon of this week.

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