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October 5, 1911

Marion is one of the best sidewalked towns in Kansas. It has many miles of cement sidewalk, and only a few patches of wooden sidewalk remain as reminders of old times.

Dr. and Mrs. S.C. Freeland returned from Chicago last Saturday. Dr. Freeland had a great auto trip, making the trip from Chicago to the Atlantic. They went 2250 miles and used 204 gallons of gasoline on the trip. Mrs. Freeland visited with her sister in Chicago.

R.F. Pyle, Geo. D. Scott, and Wm. Cochran who were appointed to appraise the Forney building, next to the Dean building, which is to be rebuilt—as the Record announced last week—reported that the building had been injured 26 per cent by the fire. Under the building ordinance, frame structures cannot be built any more within the prescribed fire-limits, but old building may be repaired where they have not been damaged fifty per cent.

The Good Roads Social at the farm home of Henry and Charles Winkley, nine miles southwest of Marion, tomorrow evening promises to be a big success. Let every one who can be there.

It is really astonishing—the number of farmers who come to this town in automobiles. They are particularly numerous these days, while the district court is in session.

Bert Conyers has bought and taken charge of the Hargett restaurant, his farm west of town being traded in on the deal. Here’s wishing the new management success.

J.E. Evans has been down from Lost Springs this week. He and Will Rudd are installing a hot-water heating plant in the Marion hospital building.

Harry Hett, Charlie Borland, Matt Riggs, and Clarence Borland have gone to Dakota to take part in the land drawing.

City Marshal Jerry Forney reports an unusual number of tramps coming this way. He ordered ten out of town in one day this week.

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