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october 24, 1912

The local G.A.R. Post has received from Washington a number of pieces of Confederate money, and they will be placed in a frame and hung in the Post’s hall. There is $190 in the bunch.

The M.H.S. football team tied another scalp to their belt in the game last Friday with Chase County at Cottonwood Falls. The score was 12 to 0 in our favor. When the train on which the MHS crowd came home Friday night pulled into Aulne, a crowd of boys and girls was lined up on the depot platform and gave cheers for our football team.

Carpet has been laid in the aisles and the corridor at the Auditorium. Good thing. And again, that man Faidley is a rustler.

The W.R.C. will serve dinner and supper on Election Day. All old soldiers and wives please bring well-filled baskets. The proceeds will go toward paying for the monument to the unknown soldier dead, which the W.R.C. has had erected in the cemetery.

Brick-laying on the Marion street paving progresses under the management of a mechanic who evidently understands his business. He seems to be doing a mighty good job. And, won’t the old town look like a new town when the job is done? True, we will miss those familiar old rainy season fishponds, but maybe we can find something else to josh each other about.

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