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december 14, 1911

The public sale held by Mrs. E.P. Claney on Tuesday was very successful. There was a large crowd present and things brought fine prices. A team of black horses, coming four years old, sold for $434, a team of mules brought $367.50, a team of young horses brought $310, steers coming 3 years old brought $51.50, yearling heifers, $27, and other things accordingly.

V.H. McMillen will open a hamburger café in the east room of the new Wheeler building.

Guess it is one on us. Last week the Record stated that “John Powers” had named his farm west of town “The Riverside Alfalfa Farm.” Which was all true except that it was John Watson instead of John Powers. And, the worst of it is that we can’t put it on the printer this time. The defendant has nothing to say, your honor.

Hog butchering seems to be the order of the day, as most of the people seem afraid that cholera may strike them.

The new Santa Fe station is happy on the way. And, she will be a daisy. Blueprints were in the hands of local agent F.H. Stanton the latter part of last week and they were good to look upon. In fact, they made the finest piece of scenery that has been shown around here for some time. The station will be the finest in the county, and work will begin at once. The building will be between 150 and 185 feet long and will be built of brick with stone trimmings, tile roof and all that sort of thing.

MHS may play basketball this year if a building can be obtained to play in. There is some talk at present of getting a building for that purpose. We have plenty of material for a good team.

A fine rain fell here last Saturday. It was just what was needed and put the ground in fine shape—all but the roads.

Ladies: To put the radiance of sunshine into your hair, to eradicate dandruff, stop falling hair and itching scalp, use Parisian Sage. Hereford & Evans guarantee it. 50 cents.

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