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january 4, 1912

The site of the big new Santa Fe station was staked off yesterday and the cement and tool house will be built today. A car load of material is here and work will begin on the station itself just as soon as the weather will permit. Mr. Smith of the firm of Leeper & Smith of Topeka, who are the contractors, was here with a surveyor and helpers overseeing the staking off of the ground. This is the firm which is building the Memorial building in Topeka which will be the finest building in the state.

This county claimed the banner wheat yield per acre for the state in 1911. Carl Schlotthauer who raised the wheat has been awarded a silver cup by the Top-Notch Farmers’ Club of Kansas. The prize was given by Arthur Capper. The yield was 59.3 bushels per acre. The land on which this yield was made belongs to Dave Schlotthauer and is three miles north of Marion. The nearest competitor was a man near Atchison who reported a little over 58 bushels. And thus, kind friends, Marion county continues at its old habit of leading the procession.

Books donated to the library the past week are: “The Youngest Soldier of the Grand Armee,” “The Strike at Shanea” and “The Curse of Strong Drink.”

Special Monday, Jan. 8, opening day of January cash sale: Bananas 10 cents per dozen; oranges 12½ cents per dozen. W.W. Loveless & Sons, Marion, Kansas.

Fred Williams and Harry C. McFadden expect to leave for Chicago tomorrow night with fifteen cars of cattle. Al Richardson will go with them.

Cupid has been on vacation. Not a marriage license issued the past week.

Hargett Bros. have bought the Florence hotel and will personally conduct the business.

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