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january 11, 1912

Elsewhere in the issue will be found a display advertisement announcing that Moore’s Ranch is for sale. It is one of the very best ranches in Kansas. Mr. Moore greatly regrets to sell the ranch and would not think of doing so if the condition of his health did not make it necessary for him to be relieved of so much care and responsibility.

No better ice was ever put up here than the ice-men have been harvesting the past week. It is nine to twelve inches thick and perfectly clean.

Most of the Marion County buyers began paying $1 for wheat on Monday. In spite of the cold and drifted roads, the wheat is coming into the mills and elevators quite plentifully.

There will be a pie supper at Morning Star, District. 41, three miles west and a mile south of Marion next Friday evening. Everybody invited. The young ladies will bring a pie, the young men will bring the price of a pie.

Ed Hauser’s big elevator on his farm northwest of town was completely destroyed by fire last Friday afternoon. It contained twenty-five hundred bushels of corn. The fire originated from a short circuit on his gasoline engine and within a few minutes, the whole room where the fire started was in flames. It was impossible to save anything in the elevator and all that could be done was to prevent the fire from spreading to other buildings. There was $2,700 insurance, which goes far but does not nearly cover the loss.

W.H. Thompson of Eureka and Walter Thompson of Burlingame have arrived and taken charge of the furniture business, being successors to Ferd J. Funk. W.H. Thompson has brought his family and for the present, the father is living with them. They have moved into the Barrett house on the hill. Walter Thompson’s family will not come until Spring. Marion extends a cordial welcome to these people.

D. Lewis has been down from Topeka several days this week. The severe weather stopped work temporarily on the Memorial Building.

County Assessor Thos. Osborne is busy taking a list of all recorded mortgages, which he turns over to the township assessors for their enlightenment when making their assessments.

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