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february 8, 1912

An unsigned communication, concerning the whipping of a child by a teacher, was received this week, but it is an old rule that we never publish anonymous communications and this one gets the customary treatment. We have no idea where the letter comes from, or to whom it refers.

The matter of the fund for the erection of a monument in Central Park to the memory of Ed Miller has been turned over to Henry Roberts, who will act as treasurer.

This issue contains the continuation of an article written by R.C. Coble about the pioneer days of Marion County and the early settlers from 1864 to 1868.

An after inventory sale is taking place this week at The Grand. Take your choice of the entire stock of men’s clothing at half price. This stock includes such famous brands as Hirsch-Wickwire of Chicago and Schloss Bros. of Baltimore. All $30 suits at $15, all $25 suits at $12.50, etc.

Father Niederhauser, the faithful old shoemaker who was laid up for a number of days, is back again at his bench at Lovelesses.

A certain small boy in this town has asked the Record to find his train of cars, which he has lost. Who has found it?

Mr. Crowder has been granted a license to operate two pool tables at the Elgin Hotel.

Dr. T.T. Davis went to Kansas City Wednesday for medical treatment. We hope he may find the relief sought. He was accompanied by T.B. Matlock and W.M. Baker.

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