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march 14, 1912

The Main Street paving has been ordered in by the City Commissioners. The order made is that the paving extend from the east side of First street to the east end of the bridge. Only pavement of the best quality and highest class should be used. A cheap job would be the most expensive job.

Clyde Loveless and H.S. Martin attended a Good Roads meeting in McPherson last Thursday and say that it is evident that this Old Santa Fe Trail movement is still moving. Plans are being made to have the Old Trial well represented at a Good Roads doin’s which is to be pulled off at Kansas City soon.

The Agoga class of the Baptist Sunday School entertained the young ladies’ class Wednesday night at their room in the church. The young men proved themselves good entertainers.

C.C. Minton is in receipt of a telegram announcing the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Minton and—Grandpa Minton looked happy.

Mr. P.E. Holmes, a pharmacist of a number of years experience has come here to help in the management of the Red Cross Pharmacy. He comes here to represent the interests of Mr. Bailey who bought the Ford interest, and because there is too much work for Arthur Tarbet to take care of alone. Mr. Holmes is a pleasant gentleman and will be cordially welcomed to the life of the town. Mrs. Holmes will come soon and they have rented the Presbyterian parsonage.

Owner of house on the hill would like to rent most of the house, retaining one or two rooms. Inquire at Miller Studio.

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