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april 18, 1912

The children in John Greer’s neighborhood—and the grown-up kids too—are interested in a Shetland colt, which was born a few days ago to one of the Shetlands belonging to the Greer children. It is one of the prettiest little animals imaginable,

Manly Wareham, whose prospective European trip was mentioned in the Record a week or two ago, had booked to sail from New York on Saturday of this week on the Titanic.

Mr. Rowland, the engineer who is to do the preliminary work for the paving is expected here today to begin his work. The probablilties are that the sidewalks will be widened two or three feet, making them eighteen feet wide. That will leave Main street about sixty-four feet wide from curb to curb, which is considered fully wide enough. If this is done, the hitching posts will likely be taken from Main street and ample hitching facilities provided on the side streets. The telephone posts will also be taken from Main and put in the alleys.

The Schaeffler Mercantile Co. in Hillsboro celebrated their 25th anniversary last Saturday and entertained a large crowd of patrons and friends.

There are this year 131 Redpath-Horner Chautauquas. Last year the number was 72. Six years ago, it was nine. About 60 crewmen handle the tents and equipment used in the two circuits of the Chautauquas. These men are selected from colleges and universities of the seven states through which the Chautauquas operate.

Scott Sheets has succumbed to the automobile virus and sent in an order for a Ford. There are a lot of Fords around here and they have given fine satisfaction.

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