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june 27, 1912

The City Commissioners have passed a new ordinance relative to bicycle riding. It is unlawful to ride on any sidewalk on Main Street between the bridge and Walnut or upon the sidewalks on either of the hills. On any other sidewalks bicycles may be ridden but the rider must dismount at least 20 feet before he reaches any pedestrian.

The boys are having great fun in a “swimming hole” just below the stone-arch bridge. They have put in a fine springboard, a swinging ring, and a slide and will put up a tent near as a dressing room. The prime promoter in the boys’ interest was Harry Rogers and he has spent a lot of time and gone to a little expense in the matter. The boys appreciate it and others enjoy watching the boys enjoy themselves “in the old swimming hole.”

All four members of the Marion High School graduating class who took the state teachers’ examination have made satisfactory grades and will receive state certificates, good anywhere in the state. The four young people are Misses Eulalia Kuhn, Mabel St. John, and Lucile Burkholder and Will Frazer. Each has secured a school in this county for next year.

The room adjoining the National Bank on the east will be used as a rest- and check-room on the Fourth, and attendants will be in charge.

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