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July 11, 1912

And, how many people were here on the 4th? If you put it below six or eight thousand you are undoubtedly low. Many say that there were 10 thousand. And, that may not be far from the truth. One livery barn took care of 600 teams and carriages. Two soda fountains sold around 100 gallons of cream apiece. And, the receipts of one moving picture house showed between four and five thousand admissions during the day.

William Jennings Bryan will speak here Thursday afternoon, July 25. Chautauqua begins July 22.

Every school house in the county has to be fumigated before school opens again in the Fall. The Commissioners have bought a supply of fumigating candles which can be gotten at the courthouse by the school officers. They can be purchased in this way much cheaper and in more convenient form than the schools could get them acting separately.

Steel ceiling is being put in at the Loveless store, both in the dry goods and men’s departments. It is a splendid improvement.

Misses Helen Riddle and Daisy Wible gave a lawn masquerade party at the home of the former Tuesday evening of this week. About 60 guests were invited. Each guest was numbered and given cards and the guessing of who the various persons were was the feature of the evening’s entertainment. There was dancing and other games on the lawn. Refreshments were served about eleven o’clock.

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