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JULY 18, 1912

The paving contract has been let. It calls for a four and one-half inch concrete base, a sand cushion of one and one-half inches and No. 1 Coffeyville brick. The pavement contracted for extends from the west side of Walnut street on Main street five blocks east to the east side of the stone arch bridge, and south on Third street from Main to the Santa Fe tracks. The contract price for the pavement, including the filler, is $1.82 per yard.

The Hon. James R. Garfield, son of President Garfield, and a member of Roosevelt’s cabinet, will speak at Marion July 25 in Central Park.

The city health officer wishes to notify the parties, who have not cleaned their alleys, and the parties on Main street, who have not cleaned back of their business houses, that their names are in the hands of the city marshal and if proper attention is not given the matter by the 22nd—next Monday—the matter will be taken up by the authorities and costs will be made for them.

Arthur Tarbet’s new residence is nearing completion. It is a fine addition to the town’s good residences.

Miss Jessie Knowles has invited the following Marion young ladies for a house party at her home in Emporia the latter part of this week: Misses Elizabeth Apel, Vella Neiderhauser, Zoe Marner, Gladys Corby, Vinnie Wible and Mrs. Carl Sheldon.

$12.50 suits for $8.00. Schumacher Goods Co.

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