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september 5, 1912

The enrollment in the Marion school is so large as to present a serious problem. The high school enrollment is about 125. About 85 are enrolled in the first and second grades on the hill and about 65 in the grades in the valley. The school board is wrestling with the problem and may be forced to secure additional room in some way.

There is getting to be entirely too much boot-legging around this town. Any is too much, but the indications are that there has been an extra amount of it in recent weeks.

The new curb and guttering is all in on Main Street and a large part of that on Third Street is in. It will probably be 10 days until the laying of the pavement will begin. The contractors expect to have the job completed by the middle of October.

Dr. and Mrs. G.J. Goodsheller leave today to be gone several weeks. They go first to Rochester where Dr. Goodsheller will take special work in the Mayo institution. He will also take some special work in Chicago. They will visit at Mrs. Goodsheller’s parental home in Elkhart, Indiana, and other places near there before returning to Marion.

Dr. C.C. Jones went to Salina a few days ago and brought two little girls, who are under the charge of the Children’s Aid Society, here. They are unusually bright little girls, six and seven years old. Mr. and Mrs. I.E. Myers are giving them a home at present.

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