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september 12, 1912

The increased attendance in the high school made necessary an increase in the teaching force and Rev. E.E. Erfmeyer has been hired to teach two or three classes. He will have one of the classes in English and one or two in Latin.

The Ehrlich elevator is now equipped for business and prepared to handle a large amount of grain. So quietly has the work of remodeling and improving the property—the old mill property west of the Cottage Hotel—been going on that many people here do not realize the amount of work that has been done there and the splendid way in which the place has been fitted up.

From “High School Happenings” — The high school is so densely populated that one of the Freshman boys became lost to two members of the faculty and after two days of diligent search is finally located.

D.D. McIntosh who has been laid up with the grippe for two or three weeks was able to go out riding today and will be at his work again in a day or so.

Buy your watermelons from Stone, the gardener, fresh from the vine. Alabama Sweets and Golden Heart, 75c per 100 pounds. 2 miles northeast of town.

There was a considerable fall in the temperature yesterday and a slight shower. The past three weeks have been about the longest hot spell of the summer.

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