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october 31, 1912

Probably comparatively few Marion people realize what a big business the Marion produce houses do. For instance, Mr. Harn of the Marion Produce Co. handled, in 10 days recently, 25 carloads of cabbage.

The first snow of the season has fallen, and on the 31st at that. That means 31 snows this winter.

Garfield Holder was here from Sunday to Wednesday visiting homefolks. He has been porter on the Rock Island through here for some time and has a splendid run. He leaves Topeka about 9 o’clock in the morning on No. 35, goes to Caldwell, and returns on No. 36 the next day, getting to Topeka about eight o’clock in the evening.

Mr. and Mrs. George Hauser are the parents of a girl born on Monday of this week.

One of the most tragic deaths in the history of the town took place this week when C.A. Kuhn, one of the town’s old and highly respected citizens, passed away as a result of having taken, by mistake, several swallows of formaldehyde. Mr. Kuhn was finishing off some cement work on the sidewalk in front of the Dean building and went into Richardson’s store to get a drink. Thirsty, and thinking he was drinking water, by mistake he took a drink from a dusty old jug which contained formaldehyde, not water. The end came late Tuesday night after his life had hung by the merest thread from early Saturday evening.

Little Joe Claney, youngest son of Mrs. E.P. Claney, was kicked by a horse last Sunday morning, but was not seriously hurt.

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