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november 22, 1912

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Siebert and Oscar Siebert and family have returned from Saskatchewan where they have been living for several years and expect to make their home in good old Kansas again. They say Saskatchewan is a good place to “get a start,” but as a place to live, Kansas looks good to them.

Roscoe King, Bob Meehan, Alvin Wight and R.D. Brown went to Lawrence to see the big K.U.-M.U. football game.

On the first day of January 1913, Loveless and Son will turn over a new leaf. They propose to change their method of doing business from credit to strictly CASH, It is believed that the time has come when the people of this county demand a lower price on supplies bought for cash than those bought for credit. Selling for cash can best serve the majority of customers. Both Marion and Youngtown stores will be conducted under the new system after Jan. 1.

Mr. and Mrs. George Riggs are the parents of a boy born Tuesday morning, Nov. 26.

The Rock Island is building a bridge across their ditch on Water Street. Water Street has been closed ever since the digging of the ditch.

The Embroidery Club, of which Mrs. C.S. Mills is a member, surprised her last Thursday morning at her home near Aulne by bringing well-filled baskets and spending the day with her.

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