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december 19, 1912

The concrete base on Williams Street—the street just north of the courthouse grounds—was finished on Tuesday and the brick will soon be laid. The work is progressing on Fourth Street. Weather this fall has been fine for this pavement job—it couldn’t’ have been better.

The nice doggie that is a family pet and stays at home is an institution that should be protected, and the man who lays violent hands on such a one ought to be punished. But, these curs that roam the streets—the Official Dog Catcher ought to get out his trusty blunderbuss and slay about a thousand of them around this here town.

Arrangements have been made for removing the old building at the east end of the stone arch bridge. The little triangle on which the building stands will be turned into a little beauty spot, such as that at the west end of the bridge. This is a fine doin’s. The old building marred the landscape, and then that corner was a dangerous one. The removal will greatly beautify the place.

R.A. Lindenberger and family have moved into the Dr. Rogers residence. Mr. Lindenberger is the new proprietor of the big 10-cent livery and feed barn on West Main. By the way, that is one of the finest barns in central Kansas and deserves a big patronage.

The Mutual Oil Company has placed a big auto wagon here for local service. It is a big fellow and will enable the company to serve its patrons more quickly. Fred Propp Jr., the Mutual agent, brought the big car in Tuesday morning.

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