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december 26, 1912

You have noticed of course, the new showcases and other improvements at the City Bakery. The place looks mighty nifty. All of which is not only a good thing for the business itself, but is good for the town. Every businessman who fixes up his place of business, and makes it look modern, does a service for the town.

Yes, you are right. The streets are getting just a little dusty and dirty. But, be patient. That sand is left on purposely for the good of the pavement. It is only temporary. You are right in saying that the streets will look still better when the sand is removed, and the street has been swept.

Miss Sadie Keller was the winner of the John Nelson House Furnishing Co.’s bookcase contest. The award was made for the best answer to the question, “What does the baby say?”—the baby in the picture shown in the advertising of Globe Wernickes sectional bookcases. Miss Keller’s answer was as follows: “See Grandpa, the nice bookcase Daddy bought at Nelson’s. The lowest shelf is just right for my picture books. Don’t you want one like it?”

If any country in the land of the free and home of the brave can beat the brand of weather Kansas has been handing out this Fall, the returns from there are not in yet.

There will be a chicken pie supper at the Wren schoolhouse Friday evening. It is being promoted by the Wren Social Committee.

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