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MEMORIES: 100 years ago

The paving bonds recently issued have been disposed of. Eight thousand dollars was taken by a Topeka man and the remainder by Marion people.

A certain citizen started out to count the vehicles in from the country Saturday afternoon but gave it up as too much of a job. Three or four hundred would be a conservative guess. Yes, you bet Marion is a good town.

During the year 1911, there were 195 marriage licenses issued and during 1912, there were 178. Of these 178, the probate judge performed 47 of the ceremonies.
The average age of men securing licenses during 1912 was 27 and of women, 25. The greatest number of licenses in any one month was issued in December in both years. The numbers being 22 and 23 respectively. June, which is supposed to be a popular month for weddings, fell to 13 in 1911 and 20 in 1912.

Dick Tillman’s Candy Kitchen was opened to the public last Saturday. He has a fine establishment and should receive liberal patronage.

Mrs. John Sievers returned last week from a several months visit with homefolks near Copenhagen, Denmark. The return voyage was stormy and a breakdown hindered them until they ran short on coal and had to stop in Canada which made the trip last 18 days on the ocean.

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