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march 27, 1913

The wind storm here Sunday and Sunday night was one of the worst for a long time but no damage was done in the immediate neighborhood. Quite a little damage was done east and north—about Lincolnville, in north Grant Township and over toward Elk. A number of barns were unroofed, windmills blown down and sheds moved from foundations. Fortunately, no residence was in the path of the destructive wind.

One of the most pleasant social events of the season occurred Saturday night when the Junior Class of the high school entertained the seniors and the faculty at the Elgin.

Aulne “Home-talent” will put on a show at the Aulne hall Friday evening. The play is called “The Dreadful Twins” and if you hate to laugh, better not go.

George Hauser has been learning, the past few days, to manipulate his new Ford which he bought a short time ago.

John Fisher who lives six or eight miles southeast of town was run over by a disc last Saturday and very badly hurt. One arm was nearly cut off and he suffered a number of bad gashes about the head. Dr. Eye who attended him had to take 22 stitches in the scalp. He is getting along very well and his arm will be saved.

Anderson and Powell have sold the café back to Shorty and he takes charge of the business today. This is one of Marion’s good restaurants and Shorty always has given general satisfaction in the business here.

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