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may 15, 1913

A.J. Dockstader’s new six passenger cab arrived a few days ago—and it’s a beauty. It is by all odds the finest public vehicle of the kind the town has ever had and is as fine as anything you will see in the largest cities of the state. When the traveling men get off at Marion and get into that cab and ride up town on our fine paved streets they say, “Gee, man, this must be some town.” And of course they are right about it.

And speaking of beautifying the town—have you seen the fine improvement which Ed Harn has made just west of his Produce house? He has had the ground cleared west to the corner, sowed it with blue grass, put a big bed of cannas in the center and put a low wire-mesh fence around the plot to protect it. An improvement like that makes a wonderful difference in the looks of a section, and if every owner of vacant lots—especially the lots close in to the business part of town—would do things like that it would be fine.

The Marion Garage has just received a shipment of five Buicks and six Overlands. According to the assessors there are 438 autos owned in the county.

The Aulne Good Roads Association will put on their home talent play, “Those Dreadful Twins,” in Marion soon. Look for the date.

Henry Tiemeier, the Lincolnville merchant, was in Marion on business the latter part of the week.

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