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july 24, 1913

Work on the street north from the Hill school building has begun again and it is said that this time the street will be put in good shape and that a sidewalk will be put down.

The old wooden water trough near the stone arch bridge has been replaced by a fine cement one.

Mr. Collins came yesterday to take charge of the excavation of the street east from the Park, preparatory to paving. The excavation will be begun from the east end so that the road in front of the Park will not be torn up during Chautauqua. The last of the curbing was laid yesterday.

By far, the finest tomatoes that have appeared in the local market this season were raised by Ed Hannaford. One of them weighed 30 ounces and one 27. They are as fine in quality as in size.

Rest Room Tent

As heretofore, there will be a big Rest Room Tent on the Chautauqua ground, under the care of the ladies of the town. All ladies are cordially invited to avail themselves of its privileges.

Watch Your Horses

Dr. S.C. Freeland says that many horses are dying in the country as a result of getting into the cane or kaffir. He says that extreme care should be taken to see that horses do not get out of the pasture and into any green stuff of that kind. They die before any help can be secured.

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