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july 31, 1913

It is impossible to measure the value to a community of such a program as is being given this week at the Marion Chautauqua. The music is of a high order, and the lectures are on big, live subjects by men who are able to handle them. It is a big week of fine entertainment, of informing discussion. It makes for better and more alert citizenship. It promotes town unity. It fosters the spirit of sociability. It costs less for the whole week than one circus—and we like a good circus too, you bet—would take out of the town. The Chautauqua is Here to Stay. For it is Worth While.

Four little folks narrowly escaped drowning this morning at the Sugar Mill dam—Dorothy Loveless, Corinne Case, Glo Mott and W.H. Mott Jr. were wading. The three little girls had hold of hands were circling around when they went off a “step-off” into water eight or ten feet deep. One of them grabbed the little boy and he was pulled in after them. Will Mott was there with them, jumped in and after a heroic struggle was able to land all four of them—one at a time. It was such a narrow escape that one shudders at the very thought of it.

The completed walk in the park has been a great improvement. What is the next thing to do in the way of park improvement?

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