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september 17, 1914

Dr. and Mrs. C.C. Jones were in Great Bend last week in connection with the distribution of children by the New York Children’s Aid Society with which Dr. Jones is associated. Dr. Jones says that it was one of most successful distributions the Society has had around here and that it attracted a great interest in the community. Fourteen little folks were placed in good homes and it is likely that the Society will send another bunch out there in the near future.

The County Commissioners “opened” two new roads at their meeting last week—the “Meier road” in Durham township and the “Hein road” in Clark township.

Rev. Fisher was speaking this morning of apples which he saw in the Conyers orchard northwest of town. He and Mr. Conyers and another man were looking at one tree which was loaded full, and there was one limb particularly which had more apples on it than he ever before saw on a single limb. They were making guesses as to how many apples there were on the limb and Mr. Conyers thought there was a bushel. One of the men present said he believed there was more than a bushel and Mr. Conyers said “Well, you can have all that are on that limb for fifty cents.” The proposition was accepted and the man proceeded to take from that limb five and a half bushels. Now this is a story told by a preacher and it must be true.

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