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october 15, 1914

The elements descended upon the Old Settlers again this year and the picnic which had been widely announced for yesterday had to be called off. It was a great disappointment to many who had been looking forward to a great time. No definite plans have been made as to whether the picnic will be held later or not.

The local highs took the measure of the Newton football team again this year in a game at Newton Friday afternoon and the final score stood at 27 to 0.

The wall, which is being extended down around the spring in the park, will be a “joy forever.” It not only furnishes needed protection to the trees along the hillside, but it adds to the attractiveness of the spring environment. The old crossing stones, displaced by the street paving, are being used for this splendid work, and certainly no better use could be found for them.

Mrs. Margaret Hill McCarter’s latest book, “Winning the Wilderness,” is an exceedingly interesting story, and like all her books, glorifies Kansas. If live people were honored with a place in the Kansas Hall of Fame, Mrs. McCarter should be thus honored.

There is criticism of the new paving on Santa Fe street because of its narrowness, but wait till it’s done before expressing an opinion too freely. It will look wider when it is completed and the whole width from curb to curb is seen.

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